Graham Hobbs Photography

Photography in the South West of the UK  •  07870 601422

Graham Hobbs, Bideford, Devon, United Kingdom

Having had a passion for photography since the early 1980s my portfolio is ever-increasing. From portraits to landscapes, wildlife to still-life, and from sunrises to live events where I try to capture the reality of the moment as it occurs. I have lived in the West Country all my life. The glorious coastlines and wonderful, scenic landscapes of the South West provide a never-ending source of inspiration for my photographic work. All these wonderful opportunities provide me and my ever faithful partners – my cameras – with the creative vision for my images! Anticipation and originality play a key role in my photography and by trying to be one step ahead I have been rewarded with breathtaking and inspiring images. Sometimes it's a little luck but most of the time its down to sheer hard work and by being in the right place at the right time.